Sunday, February 1, 2009

Meeting with Sierra Club International Community Section
Jan 31, 2009

The Los Angeles Chapter, International Community Section reaches out to new comers from abroad in the Los Angeles with a variety of activities, such as hiking and car camping, familiarizes them with the Sierra Club, and encourages communication of ideas. I met the committee at a committee meeting and asked them for ideas on how Hsi Lai Temple can help the community. I briefly introduced the temple and the brainstorming session that we did in the Hsi Lai College Study Group. Many people present were familiar with Hsi Lai Temple both from official International Community Section outings to the temple and from individual trips.

1. Have you considered engaging the community at Hsi Lai Temple for being engaged in activities sponsored by the Sierra Club?

The International Community Section is very interested in connecting with the community at Hsi Lai Temple.

Members of the Temple are always welcome to International Community Section events. These are advertised on the web site ( We can also send flyers to the Temple for outings. Most International Community Section events are weekend car camps. To participate in a car camp tents, sleeping bags, etc are needed.

2. How can Hsi Lai Temple help the environment, the Sierra Club, and the International Community Section?

Members from the Temple can participate in animal preservation and conservation activities sponsored by the Sierra Club. There is a huge number of activities and limitless possibilities.

3. What can we do as follow up steps?

Follow up with the chairman on activities. The International Community Section is also interested in another trip to the temple. Let them know the opening hours of the dining hall and my contact email for further comments.

I was invited to present to the San Fernando Valley Section meeting on Feb 17, 7 pm. Check the LA Chapter schedule for details of the group and meeting.


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