Friday, September 4, 2009

August Meeting Notes and September Meeting

Aug 29, 2009 Meeting Notes

1. Welcome new comers: Mark, and Sacha!
2. Review of the agenda proposed by Ven. Juewei
3. Confirming the text of “Call for speakers” and “Reply slip,” thanks Julie for this!
4. Updates from Program Sub-com (Ven. Juwei): facilitators are ready, and we are waiting for the response from Keynote speaker; most facilitators will look for the speakers for us; to remind facilitator: the power of story and examples from speakers
5. Updates from Publicity Sub-com: examples of designed Call for speakers, logo and bump sticker (Nancy’s favorite); suggestion: some graphics to reply slip? A package folder for the participants? (Including bump sticker, proceedings, nametag, maps of UWest, etc). Thanks Nancy and Judy’s awesome job!
6. Mock trail of the “Compassion in Living Life” and breakout discussion.
7. Dinner

Important notes

- Hsilai Friends: we use this as ONE WORD from now on
- $10.00 will be charged for the conference for random participants (not included the invited participants )
- We only look for 4 speakers, not 6
- Panel 2 theme new wording: A Life of Compassion: from Birth to Death

Next meeting(details to follow)
- Date: Sep. 19, 2009


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