Friday, June 12, 2009

Booklet 6: The Wheel of Rebirth

When we talk about rebirth, some people laugh at the idea. They consider such belief passe and obsolete in the technologically advanced 21th Century. Others may think that the question of rebirth belongs strictly in the arena of religion. After all, the issue of what happens after death seems remote from everyday living. The saying, “If I don’t even know about living, why ask about dying?” reflects how some people may feel. To them, the question of rebirth is not a pressing concern.

Indeed, in the ambience of this grand lecture hall, the subject of rebirth may not seem an appropriate lecture topic. If we were to discuss this question on a battlefield, where we are face to face with death, then we would be more earnest to approach and study this very important and serious question of death and rebirth.

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