Sunday, March 1, 2009

Notes on the Meeting about the March Activities

Wildomar, CA, Feb. 7, 2009, 1:15pm

After lunch, we took 15 minutes break to explore the surroundings of the Ratanapannya Meditation Center. Then we had a short meeting was proceeded to discuss the coming activities in March.

1. Alex, Eddie, Ven. Chuan Jue, and Wan Jia continued the brainstorming to enhance the blog. Everybody appreciated their contrition to construct the blog. Suggestion was made to make the display to be more appealing to read, for instance, shortening the display length of the web page by making a summary version that is expandable to a complete verion.

2. Thanks Wan Jia for having posting our monthly reading materials in the blog. The reading article for March: The Unique Characteristics of Buddhism (

3. A preliminary participants list has been generated for two activities led by Ven. Jue Wei in March, the participants as follows, please let us(either Jacky or Ven. Jue Wei) know if you want to join this event:

Interfaith meeting on March 4th(Wed.), 7pm at Arcadia Congregational United Church of Christ (2607 S. Santa Anita Ave. Aracadia, CA 91006)

The theme is “Interfaith series on Art and Artifacts in Worship.” A vegetarian dinner will be provided at 6pm.

Ritual objects will be brought by these people:
- Ven. Jue Wei — hand bell
- Ven. Chuan Jue — Avalokiteśvara statue
- Ven. Jue Ji — Wooden fish
- Alex — beans
- Nathan — Tibetan gong
- Eddie — Singing bowl
- Wan Jia — Buddhist stupa
- Jacky — meditation chime

Each person will have a few minutes presentation about the object they bring. Since we have enough object and presenters already, those of you also want to attend this event will not need to bring certain objects anymore.

Interfaith meeting on March 9th (Mon.) at 7pm at Church of Good Shepherd (400 W Duarte Road Arcadia, CA 91007)

Venerable Jue Wei will be speaking on the topic: “Hsi Lai Temple – The Dharma Coming to West” to the American Association of University Women.

People are willing to go (the participants probably will join the presentation of the powerpoints about Hsi Lai Temple and its mission/accomplishment). Please let Jacky know if you want to participant in presenting at this event.

Other notes about the talk by Ven. Sompoch Sripund in Ratanapannya Meditation Center, the talk by Ven. Jue Wei in Ratanapannya Meditation Center about “Meditation from Humanistic Buddhist Perspective,” and notes on the exclusive visit to Pechanga Band of Luiseño Indians can be view on this blog


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